Specialized Therapy

The MW Fund provides scholarships to individuals who have suffered traumatic spinal cord injuries for specialized SCI rehabilitation therapy not covered by insurance. Scholarships are awarded each year for up to $10,000. Currently, individuals receiving scholarships attend therapy at Journey Forward in Canton, MA.

Epidural Stimulation

The Epidural Stimulation Program at the University of Louisville Spinal Cord Injury Research Center focuses on understanding how controlled electrical stimulation to the lower portion (lumbosacral) of the spinal cord enables the recovery of specific functions of the nervous system.


Matt Wetherbee, founder and president of the MW Fund, has been participating in this program since October 2018. He was implanted with the device in November 2018 and began cardiovascular and standing training shortly after. He has also participated in other studies using the stimulator such as voluntary movement and bladder function. Since using the stimulator he has seen many improvements both physically and mentally.


Although there are prominent nonprofit foundations and government grant programs that fund this research, these funds do not cover living expenses for research participants. Candidates that agree to participate in research with the epidural stimulation program must move to Louisville for an extended period, and participating in this research is a full-time job in itself.


The MW Fund provides scholarships for individuals who are accepted into the epidural stimulation program but cannot afford the cost to move to Louisville. We believe that everyone who is accepted into this program deserves the opportunity to participate in this groundbreaking research that can improve the lives of so many of those living with spinal cord injury.


You can learn more about the epidural stimulation program here: https://victoryoverparalysis.org/research/translational-research/epidural-stim-pgm/