The mission of the MW Fund is to provide financial assistance for specialized spinal cord injury (SCI) rehabilitation not covered by insurance and to further support research initiatives developed for SCI recovery.


Individuals with spinal cord injuries require this type of intense therapy to stay healthy and to help their body’s nervous system relearn the most basic tasks. This therapy costs at minimum $100 per hour and is not covered by insurance. To help address the financial burden of this therapy, Matt created the MW Fund to provide scholarships to individuals with SCI who want to attend specialized SCI rehabilitation centers and other exercise-based rehabilitation programs but cannot afford it.


A major goal for the MW Fund is to develop and build out a program that will raise awareness about basketball courts with unsafe playing conditions and support projects that can make the necessary improvements to these outdated, unsafe facilities.

What We’ve Accomplished:


Total Awarded to support rehab programs and facilities since the MW Fund’s inception: $164,000


Total Awarded to newly launched initiative in 2020 that supports living expenses for research participants at the University of Louisville Epidural Stimulation Research Trial: $12,000