The mission of the MW Fund is to provide scholarships to individuals who have suffered traumatic spinal cord injuries for specialized SCI rehabilitation therapy not covered by insurance. The fund also works to identify and renovate basketball courts with unsafe playing conditions.


The Story

On June 7, 2016, three days before his 29th birthday, Matt Wetherbee suffered a significant spinal cord injury (SCI) while playing basketball, a sport he loves and had played since middle school. After his injury, Matt spent two months at Massachusetts General Hospital, followed by three months at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital working on his recovery before he was able to go home.


Although he remains paralyzed below his chest, Matt has made huge progress since his injury. This progress is due in part to his four-times weekly therapy at Journey Forward, a non-profit facility in Canton, MA that serves clients with SCIs. Journey Forward provides research-based exercise and electronic stimulation therapy that aims to retrain clients' nerve pathways to allow eventual recovery of function.

Individuals with spinal cord injuries require this type of intense therapy to stay healthy and to help their body’s nervous system relearn the most basic tasks. This therapy costs at minimum $100 per hour and is not covered by insurance. To help address the financial burden of this therapy, Matt created the MW Fund to provide scholarships to individuals with SCI who want to attend Journey Forward, or other exercise based rehabilitation programs, and cannot afford it.